Ročenka – zpráva o stavu životního prostředí
Yearbook – report on state of the environment



Two institutions are authorised to perform government functions in water management in accordance with Section 41 of the Act No. 254/2001 Code, on water and amending certain acts (hereinafter as the Water Act), which is harmonised with the EU legislation. These are Department of the Environment of the Prague City Hall (hereinafter as OOP MHMP) and the Czech Environmental Inspection (CEI) – Prague Regional Inspectorate. Accidental contaminant spills are mostly reported to the Fire and Rescue Brigade of the City of Prague and then to the Operation Centre of the Crisis Staff of the Capital City of Prague, which give information to the OOP MHMP, CEI, Vltava River Catchment, s. p., and to other institutions contributing to the emergency control. The OOP MHMP, as the water management authority, manages the emergency control. Simultaneously, the OOP MHMP issues the decisions on measures imposed to remedy the adverse state.

In 2009 the OOP MHMP was active at 35 spills and subsequently issued 33 administrative decisions. If the contamination originator is not known, then the OOP MHMP eliminates the emergency at the expense of the Prague City Hall using professionally and technically capable legal or natural entities making business according to special regulations. In 2009 the contamination originator was not determined in 21 cases thereof. In 2009 the Department of Water Protection of the CEI, Regional Inspectorate Prague dealt with 5 accidental contaminant spills on the City territory. In 4 cases the spill originator was not found.


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